MOQ Negotiation between E Cigs Factory and Customer

Dear E Cigs Factory

1000 pcs in first orders is out of question.

You have to keep in mind that estonia is a small counry and cross baorder web sales in EU is banned.

So we have only lical E Cigs Factory ( it will be banned also in 2019 ) and our 10 retail shops in estonia and about 500 partner shops.

In estonia we have 1.3 million people and about 190000 smokers.
from the total amount of smokers we have about 15% of vapers which can buy from E Cigs Factory.

After 1 month we will have excise tax , 2 eur for 10 ml +VAT. So it means that some of the regular users will stop using e-cigarette and some will start using less .

So as you undesrtand , we can definetly not order 1000 pcs per order.

Usually we order about 300 pcs per order. And if the quality is good and we will have small amount of warranty issues, then we might start ordering 500 pcs per order.

We have used this model since 2009 and thsi way we have kept quality for our E Cigs Factory OEM brand really good.

Why we need our E Cigs Factory OEM brand is easy.

As estonia is small and we have so few vapers then we have to earn money from a bit higher product sales price.

If we sell other brands then we have to follow the prices on other markets as the cross boarder web sales ban is so fresh.

Slowly people understand , that they can not order from websites that are in other countrys, so the prices are growing in loacl webstores and retail shops.

But with our own brand we have always had a bit higher retail proce and people love SKYsmoke brand the most.

This is because in estonia it is the best known E Cigs Factory brand . we have done since 2010 a lot of advertsing for this brand and laos we have kept super good quality.

So if you like to work with us and possibly sell your products in estonia then you have to lower the E Cigs Factory OEM quantity.

If we start selling it with your brand name then it will not sell so good, i can quarantee it . and also we will have no interest of selling it ,because we already have many china brands in our portfolio.

So we will not add any china brands right now, but we always are seraching for SKYsmoke E Cigs Factory OEM products.

And if we decide to cooperate on this projet then you must also add our brand as a subbrand under your TPD registration.

It does not cost anithing and we need thsi only for estoni market for E Cigs Factory.

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