In the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs core, we can see the design

In the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs core, we can see the design  of the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs core using a consistent BVC structure. The heating filament is made of iron chromium aluminum and is wrapped in layers of cotton wool. The middle ring diameter was measured to be 4.5mm; The heating filament accounts for two-thirds of the total Wholesale Aspire E Cigs core, and the remaining space replaces the air duct of the atomizer.
On the bottom of the atomizing core electrode of four large opening is also designed for the low resistance provides enough intake guarantee, atomizing core in the middle of three strip guide oil hole also gives it a very good guide oil effect.The above image shows that when the atomization core is connected with the base, the thread between the parts is tightly closed, and the rubber ring on the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs core also has a good effect on the oil leak phenomenon. As for the oil holes and the bottom, the players can use the last drop, not waste.

Wholesale Aspire E Cigs

The top filling of the atomizer and eliminating the design of the airway connecting tube make it very simple to fill the oil. Just open the lid and add directly. The space between the glass silo and the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs core is also large enough to facilitate the refueling. In addition to full filling of this oil tank, it also completely eliminates the situation of the inner chamber pressure change caused by top refueling.
Performance, 0.2 Ω core power on the official recommendation is 55-70 w, between 55 to 60 w on actual use is not an optimal use of power, on the limit test, it can reach about 85 w; 0.4 Ω core, the official recommendation 40 to 60 w, actually use at around 50 w will be good, limit tests, it can reach about 70.

The two core pieces, then, are comparable to the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs of a few drops of oil atomizer. 0.2 0.4 Ω Ω and core is not much difference in the overall, more intuitive size difference is in the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs; Even in high VGS and high power, continuous pumping is not seen in the presence of oil.

In terms of taste, the design of the airway connecting tube is cancelled to make it more like a mouthfeel drip oil atomizer. Compared to the mouth – sucking atomizer, which can have more layers and more delicate taste, it can be used as a drop oil atomizer to give people the full taste of the full volatilization of the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs oil.
On the clay in the innovative design of atomizer, cancelled a easydrive, other products are some frying oil net, while frying oil phenomenon is very few, but under high power Wholesale Aspire E Cigs oil temperature is so high, the occasional phenomenon of frying oil or a little ointment. And the base of the long time after use of the condensing recommended silos to clean up after use.

Overall, Aspire clay in the innovative design of atomizer has brought a new sensory experience, let it in the big Wholesale Aspire E Cigs and taste found a balance between the foothold, tend to be more drops of oil atomizer that rich performance also let it get perfect embodiment on taste; This is a great choice for new users and advanced players who love the core of finished products. “Fog walker” – Aspire creto atomizer test

The big Wholesale Aspire E Cigs has always been the pursuit of many novice players and Wholesale Aspire E Cigs. The smoggy feeling and the fullness of the mouthfeel that the inhaled oil vaporizer can’t feel is a deep love for a lot of players. In contrast, the product is more convenient to use in comparison with the traditional droplet oil atomizer and the DIY oil storage Wholesale Aspire E Cigs-type atomizer. With this question, we will unveil today’s protagonist, the Aspire creto atomizer.

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