E Cigs Factory mainly adopt “OEM/ODM”

The E Cigs Factory are concentrated in China, where about 90 percent of the world’s e-cigarette production capacity is concentrated in Shenzhen.The e-cigarette industry is in demand in Europe and the United States.And domestic E Cigs Factory mainly adopt “OEM/ODM” to sell products to European and American brands. From the point of view of consumer products, the core competitiveness of E Cigs Factory is the same as food and beverage, which are brand and capital.

E Cigs Factory
With general consumer electronics such as mobile phone, electronic cigarettes, come into direct contact with the human body internal and oil smoke, smoke bombs for consumables, from the consumer point of view, the core competitiveness of electronic cigarettes and food, beverage, is a brand, capital.Unfortunately,most of E Cigs Factory do not have theirs own brand and enough capital.

Among the consumers of e-cigarettes are the ones that pursue individuality, which are more in favor of niche brands that can brand themselves.So e cigarette factory can develop some products to meet the new trend. In the open industry research newspaper, the general estimate of the price of e-cigarettes from E Cigs Factory is about 20% of the final sales price, which is further evidence that the brand owners have a big profit in the industrial chain.Therefore, E Cigs Factory must have their own brand in the future.

E Cigs Factory
Above all, to judge the future competition of the electronic cigarette industry would be a large electronic cigarette brands in Europe and America as the leading factor, and the domestic with independent intellectual property rights.While, E Cigs Factory and E Cigs Factory that can provide product development and production services will get larger development.In addition, small and medium-sized brands that can provide unique flavor and design will also obtain certain development space.In a word,e cigs factory should change innate thinking.

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