A brief introduction to China vape wholesale

China vape wholesale hundred China vape wholesale technology co., LTD., founded in 2011 on June 30, located in longgang,China vape wholesale city center city, mainly engaged in electronic cigarette and accessories, 3 c digital, network equipment, mobile power products such as research and development and sales.

Profile of the company (reproduced)1. Core values:

Customer-centric, to create value for customers, to quality as fundamental, continuous innovation, to provide customers with the best products. Create opportunities for employees and create benefits for society

2. Talent development outlook:

Talent is the company’s greatest asset. Meritocracy, the right people do the right thing.

Warm environment, professional training, elite cradle, dream to set sail!

3. Development process of the company:

In June 2011, the predecessorChina vape wholesale qianwater trading co., LTD was established.

In March 2012, the kang brand was born

In May 2012, the flagship store of kang Tmall opened

In March 2013, as the trademark of kang R, one of the famous brands of domestic e-cigarettes was successfully issued

In July 2014, it was renamedChina vape wholesale baizhubang science and technology co., LTD., and the company’s e-commerce network developed comprehensively.

From the venture so far, we always adhere to the “take the customer as the center, take the quality as the fundamental, constant innovation” business philosophy, to “pragmatic, professional and harmonious, self-discipline” as the spirit, constantly introducing talents, learn advanced science and technology, strict with every employee, grasp every working procedure, meritocracy, comfortable place, “the strategic policy of owning, respect for science and technology, respect for talent, to create a good development platform, vigorously promote enterprise culture construction, guide enterprises to develop with advanced enterprise culture, and lead and cultivate the employee’s social sense of responsibility, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, to improve the team cooperation spirit and cohesion of staff, on the marketing strategy, we always adhere to the” based on sincerity, credibility career “spirit of cooperation, to provide” active, efficient, thoughtful, satisfaction “service approach.

Baizhuo, the whole heart for you!

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