Revolution of e cigs factory’s electrode column without screw—Murphy RDA atomizer

One of the e cigs factory‘s atomizers to be mentioned today upends the traditional electrode screw structure, which may be the history of the screwdriver, which is the Murphy RDA atomizer. The 810 drop of the mouth is equipped with embossed craft, except the three-dimensional sense and with the anti-skid effect. Also, the top gear shows the difficulty of machining on CNC. The top of the inner canister is designed with arched design in order to make smoke be gatherer together to make the smoke more intense.

e cigs factory
e cigs factory


Murphy atomizer for double column four pore structure, e cigs factory’s vapers only need to press the spring pressure at the top of the electrode, electrode in room to fit a fever wire, just let it go and the spring will tablet pressure again to lock the heating wire. After adjusting the position of the e cigs factory’s line, release the pressure plate without the other tools.

e cigs factory
e cigs factory

The spring’s strength is relatively large, and after pressing the hot wire, we try to pull the line foot back and forth, the result is not to move, thus judging the heating wire will not loosen because there are no screws. After trimming the excess, you can put cotton on the wire. You guys who likes double hair can adjust the pin slightly to the same vertical Angle so as to clamp the heating wire on the card slot.

Review on:

  1. Murphy e cigs factory‘s atomizer is a side intake e-liquid atomizer, which reduces the probability of e-liquid leakage by using the upper than the bottom intake atomizer;
  2. Small crooked individuals are satisfied with the appearance;
  3. It is very easy to use the unscrew electrode column for the first time, and there is no anti-looseness, and the heating wire does not appear to be hindered by contact;
  4. The taste can be said to be “beyond expectation”. I think the manufacturer has put a lot of energy on the design of the electrode column and the taste from e cigs OEM factory is also very good.
  5. e cigs factory
    e cigs factory

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