Five miscellaneous e cigs factory’s atomizer talks of the bottom filling injection RDA

The droplet e cigs factory‘s atomizer is an important part of the e-cigarette, which is rated as the strongest VAPE experience device type.

e cigs factory
e cigs factory

But due to the inconvenience of use, also let many users in the case of decline of the using experience and still chose the RTA. In order to get the balance let experience and convenience, designer designed the new RDA play after racking their brains—–bottom filling.

Since the bottom filling rise, the market e cigs factory’s atomizer showed a wide variety of bottom filling devices, a lot of RDA also started giving in original factory supporting a bottom filling screw, let the top drop RDA products compatible with the bottom filling plays.

So what we’re going to share with you today is the trivialization of some of the bottom filling RDA.

The traditional RDA uses direct drip to add the most barbaric and fastest speed to the cotton, and through the full amount of e-liquid in the cotton, it can get a very thick flavor e cigs factory’s atomization experience. Bottom filling RDA is equivalent to the traditional e-liquid drip seepage change to the bottom and the bottom of the e-liquid in platform seepage after exposure to cotton near the foot of the ce-liquid, which contains the e-liquid guide line length.

  1. The so-called “e-liquid road” jangdan.

This guide e-liquid route length depends on the reasonable height of RDA ce-liquid cotton foot length, foot length and the cotton is also rooted in RDA’s original structure design, this is a constrained relationship.

For example, the DPRO RDA of CE-LIQUIDART, this kind of bottom filling is short, but it also needs to be careful not to overdo it, because its bottom platform also becomes shallow due to the structure.

  1. Does the cotton foot cover the bottom platform?

The problem with the traditional method of top note of the suction nozzle drops of e-liquid in the same way, although the bottom covered with cotton after a single store more e-liquid to reduce the number of filling, but when bottom covered with cotton, if the cotton is not loose, but may cause e-liquid flowing at the bottom.

In the general use of the bottom filling, as long as the cotton foot is reserved with the appropriate length, the non-strict conditions will be successfully exposed to the e-liquid from the bottom platform to guide the e-liquid.

  1. Can the ordinary RDA make the bottom filling from e cigarette manufacturer atomizer?

     e cigarette manufacturer
    e cigarette manufacturer

In the present, many RDA products will at the bottom of the distribution of oil replacement screw for users to transform itself, in fact, even if is not original factory bottom screw RDA, can also from accessories shop to buy the corresponding applicable bottom screw DIY.

The most common type of modification is the double column and other side intake RDA, which has been selected by many native bottom filling RDA.

  1. What is the difference between RDA and RTA?

We often say that RTA is mostly sealed atomized warehouse, and the e-liquid is stored in the outside of the atomized silo and is closely adhered to. In use, it is unavoidable to be affected by the heat of the atomized storehouse, which leads to the decline of e-liquid experience, which is to say why Taste becomes weak after more than half of the consumption.

The injection of RDA is a single squeeze, and the smoke oil is stored in the storage tank separated from the atomized silo, which has less influence on the smoke oil.

  1. What is the difference between the bottom note and the traditional RDA?

In the non-rigorous sense, the atomization effect between the two is the same. But the speed at which the oil is poured directly into the cotton is bound to be faster than the cotton from the bottom, and the traditional RDA usage is more straightforward. The advantage of the bottom filling is that the bottle is integrated with the equipment, and the extremely compact and convenient travel style is the highlight of the game.

 e cigarette manufacturer
e cigarette manufacturer

If a user can only love the full e cigs factory’s atomizer of RDA, the RDA device of the bottom filling must be the first choice for going out. Maybe you want Wholesale JUSTFOG E Cigs

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