Wholesale Aspire E Cigs

Bar acrylic box slender meticulous, except for some instructions on the back of the anti-counterfeiting code, etc., can also notice the clay atomizer ontology and it’s positive speaking: “to pure taste, large flow, the thick Wholesale Aspire E Cigs, minimalist operation”.After open the packing box, and then open layered pieces of paper, visible to the bottom of the atomizer loaded with 0.4 Ω finished atomizing core warehouse, spare glass, decorative ring and specification certificate; On the paper is a simple explanation of the atomizer.

In addition to this particular product core, you can also see that the company has configured each atomizer with four different colored top heat insulation rings and decorative rings.
In addition to the ability to change colors according to the players’ preference, the 4 colors of heat insulation cover can be used to add friction to the top and remove the cover. There are “Aspire” signs on the decorative ring, and “To be… “The slogan, as for the slogan, officially retains its mystique.

304 steel production of the atomizer surface is treated with black spray paint, smooth and wear-resisting, the texture is extremely strong; Silver is also available to players. After disassembling the atomizer, the parts of the atomizer are very few and easy to load and easy to unload, and they are similar to the slogan “minimalist operation”.

First, look at the top part, 510 mouth joint with top cover, with a tree ester material on top of the mouth; When you remove the mouthpiece, you can still use the other 510 dropper. The upper cover is surrounded by u-shaped grooves, adding to the aesthetic appearance and adding friction; The adhesion of the sealing rubber ring and the fitting of the glass silo after installation are also done well.

On the base, it can be seen that it adopts the electrode designed by the company, which is gold-plated. The Aspire brand logo is visible on the side.
On the intake mechanism, the base is designed with three sets of strip grooves. This intake ring damping is very good, easy to adjust, not loose; There is a layered cutting between each strip slot to facilitate the adjustment of the user. The rubber ring can be seen still very thick and fit.
The inner view can see that there is a large ring groove between the base and the regulating outer ring, forming a good unimpeded intake structure.
Let’s take a look at this innovative design of the Wholesale Aspire E Cigs core. Because the atomizer eliminates the design of the connecting airway in the general atomizer, the aerosol core can be used to connect the airway. The two atomization core data is 0.2 Ω/recommend 55-70 – w and 0.4 Ω/recommend power 40 to 60 w.

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