E Cigs Factory: Most teens vape for flavor, not nicotine

With the use of e-cigarette oem on the rise among adolescents, concerns E Cigs Factory have been raised that the devices may be fueling a “nicotine epidemic.” New research, however, claims E Cigs Factory is not the case, after finding that most youths use e-cigarettes for the flavor of the vape pen supplier, rather than for nicotine.

E Cigs Factory

E Cigs Factory  (electronic cigarettes) are battery-powered devices that heat up liquids, emitting a vapor that the user inhales, or “vapes.” Such liquids come in various flavors, and many contain nicotine and other chemicals.

According to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last year, current use of E Cigs Factory among middle and high school students tripled between 2017-2018.

E Cigs Factory

The number of middle school students using e-cigarettes increased from 1.1 percent to 3.9 percent during this period, while use of the devices among high school students rose from 4.5 percent to 13.4 percent.

Dr. Richard Miech, of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan and co-author of the new study, and colleagues note that there is a common assumption among researchers and policymakers that all youths who use e-cigarettes are inhaling nicotine E Cigs Factory.

The authors say this is reflected in the commonly used term “electronic nicotine delivery systems” (ENDS), which implies the devices are always used to inhale nicotine E Cigs Factory.

E Cigs Factory

However, the researchers say there is limited data on the extent to which adolescents use e-cigarettes to vape nicotine E Cigs Factory.

With this in mind, Dr. Miech and team set out to determine precisely what substances youths are inhaling when they use e-cigarettes factory.

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