Which is the strong structure? e cigarette manufacturer’s structural features of droplet atomizer

The droplet e cigarette manufacturer‘s atomizer in the new person appears to be the same structure, no outside the base plus a silo.In fact, the base of oil atomizer can be divided into many structures. According to the number of electrode columns, it can be divided into common “double columns”, “three pillars” and “four pillars”.In particular, the “u-shaped double column 4 hole” structure, which is more popular this year, has been widely used in new product dripping oil and RDTA.What are the differences between the different structures and what are the advantages?Today we will take a look at the common drip base structure so that the novice can find the best fit for his or her type.

e cigarette manufacturer
e cigarette manufacturer
  1. Classification of  e cigarette manufacturer’s drip base structure. According to the number of electrode columns, the base of drip atomizer can be divided into three kinds: double column, three column and four column. As the name implies, the double column is the structure with two electrodes on the base, one positive and one negative. Three pillars are structures with e cigarette manufacturer’s three electrodes, usually two negative poles and one positive pole. The four columns are special, and in fact, they are “three columns and four holes”, which is the positive pole with two threaded holes. In addition to these common structures, there are also “five pillars” and “six column” structures, which are more suitable for making multiple coils. There are also some basic structural deformations, such as the “double column 2 hole” structure, which can also be deformed into “double column 4 holes”, which is the common two electrode pillars with a total of four holes. As mentioned in the previous article, the so-called “four-column” structure is actually a deformation of “three pillars” — “three pillars and four holes”.
  2. Double column structure:
  3. Double column and double hole.e cigarette manufacturer

Double – column double -e cigarette manufacturer’s Hole structure is a structure with a positive and negative two electrode columns with a threaded hole on each electrode column. The advantage of this structure is that it is convenient to install the coil, even if you do not have to adjust the thread, you can also make a standard double-hair coils. The disadvantage is that it is not very convenient to have two threaded holes and to trim the thread. If the shape of the line is not adjusted directly, the outside of the coil is easily deformed. Due to the small number of threaded holes, it is not suitable to make multiple coils (multiple rounds), typical “double hair” structure. In the case of a fixed coil, two wire rods are required to be inserted into the coils to prevent the coil from deforming.

Tips: the double column double Hole structure has the same height, so it is necessary to adjust the shape of the line to make a more regular middle coil when making the coil.

  1. Double column four hole

Double column four holes are improved on the basis of double column and double hole. Each electrode column is added with a threaded hole. This structure is also widely used in 2016 new product atomizer.

The advantage of the two-column four-hole structure is that when making double hair, the coil will not share the same perforating hole. When installing, you can install one side and then install the other side. Only one wire rod can be used. Once the coil is fixed on one side, you can cut off the excess wire and install the other side. It will not be as easy to cut as double column and double hole. The four threaded holes can be used to make double hair on the left and right side, and also can be used to make four rounds of silk holes, which is more flexible. The disadvantage is the same as the double hole, although the upper silk is easier, but if you do not adjust the shape of the line, it will cause distortion on both sides of the coil.

e cigarette manufacturer

  1. Three column structure of e cigarette manufacturer

The common three-column structure is mostly three columns and three holes. The two negative poles are located on the two sides of the atomizer, with a positive pole in the middle and a threaded hole on each electrode column. The structural feature of the three-column three-hole is that it can be used as a common pole in the production of double hair, and it can also be used for four rounds. However, the central positive pole perforation should pass through the four threads, which is troublesome when fixed and trimmed. When making double hair, it is necessary to adjust the bobbin of the coil to make the middle coil, which is troublesome for the novice. If don’t adjust the moldings, fixed directly after use tool to push the middle coil can also be produced in the coil, but on the edge of the coil may be deformed or affect heating coil overlap phenomenon.

  1. Four column structure (three columns and four holes)

The four column structure is very special, in strict sense, it is a deformation of the three-column structure, and the middle positive column is deformed at the top.The positive pole has two threaded holes, much like two electrodes, so it is commonly referred to as the “four pillars”. The e cigarette manufacturer’s structural features of the four columns are similar to those of the two columns, with four perforated holes, except that the holes in the four columns are arranged horizontally. The characteristics of this structure are similar to those of double columns and four holes. And for the production of the coils, it’s easier than the three columns, just to adjust one side of the line. The four holes are tied together, and two groups of threaded holes can be Shared to make 4 hair, namely the so-called “natural four hair” structure, suitable for installing multiple coils. Four column e cigarette factory manufacturer‘s structure in some versions of the drops of oil on the atomizer has the positive cannot be fixed, as the electrode at the bottom of the screw rotation problem, in addition there is no obvious shortcomings, is a kind of simple operation, high playability of the structure type. For the new couple, the upper hand is second only to the double column four holes.

e cigarette factory manufacturer

  1. Other

In addition to the above e cigarette manufacturer’s structures, there are some special structures, such as Bf99 dripping oil, ant AX1, early Cloud Monster, fountain, sea god, etc. In fact, there is no difference between the two, as long as they distinguish the positive and negative poles, the basic structural principles are all the same.

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