Is the E Cig Pod atomizer and main engine universal?

The required output power of the finished e cigs pod atomizer is different, like the low-demand ammoniac atomizer, which only requires the maximum output of about 15W to satisfy the product atomizer. For a super beast like E Cig Pod TFV12, the recommended power of 12 E Cig Pod  atomization cores is 120 to 200W, even though the recommended power of the lowest Q4 atomization core is 90 to 160W. From here, we can see what kind of host the finished atomizer should cooperate with. At least the output power of the main engine should be able to meet the working conditions required by the atomizer. Of course, it is not enough to just satisfy, after all, when the power output is high, the loss of power will be accelerated, and the maximum output of the host is usually proportional to the number of batteries. Therefore, after meeting the requirements of the E Cig Pod atomizer, it is best to have the maximum output of about 50W more than the recommended maximum output of the atomizer, so that it can basically meet its battery life needs.

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2) The E Cig Pod RBA class atomizer.

RBA type atomizer is different with finished atomizer, because the data is variable, and the mouth taste type atomizer absorption resistance needs to be done, and the volume small, the other most of the atomizer can accept low resistance coil using big smoke. So like Fivepawns, Nada, teats this type of suction mouth taste type atomizer, they are not suitable for using low resistance and large smoke data, usually use the maximum output of about 75W single electric host the use of a day is enough. And like other big smoke the RBA atomizer using how much power of the host, is to see you normally use data, according to the formula of square resistance present = power (voltage) to calculate how much Walt output you need. Such big atomizer usually has huge air inflow and E Cig Pod atomization warehouse, even if you install a higher resistance coil cannot experience good effect, in the use of high resistance coil generates a smoke quantity is not enough, air intake too much lead to problems such as weak hair empty. Of course, because of the connection between power consumption and battery life, we recommend using a E Cig Pod Manufacturer host that is beyond your power. One more thing, what if the demand is higher? It’s also a good idea to start with a more adaptable host. In general, the author more recommendation to buy high power host, after all, the applicable scope is bigger, is also much greater range, no matter what kind of atomizer can to compatibility (other than 510 interface and screw air inlet at the bottom of the atomizer except). On top of that, you need to think about the size and weight of the E Cig Pod host, and if you need to go out a lot, a smaller host will be more convenient.

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