E Cigs Factory audit deatil information

General Comment : E Cigs Factory have 2 product drawing and one is for Power Unit and the other is Atomizer. All the component is listed in the product drawing and the drawing number for Power unit is E Cigs Factory-027A-E and Atomizer is E Cigs Factory -027A-W. E Cigs Factory has introduced SPARK with 6 different color and each color has a unique part number and different product BOM and Finish Goods part number.

E Cigs Factory has obtained the Product specification for SPARK and checked the detail of the product specification and it is align with customer requirement [ Ie : The Product requirement listed in customer specification require Low voltage protection (When the battery is lower than 3.20V ,the white LED indicator will flash in 15 times) is align with E Cigs Factory SPARK product requirement. ]

E Cigs Factory Procedure for Drawing preparation is avaliable.The document no is E Cigs Factory-WI-RD-005. During review the procedure, found that the standard tolerance for those dimension do not indicate specific tolerance in the drawing , is available in the drawing template but suggest to add into procedure and also have a process flow for drawing preparation step. Drawing Procedure document should have a table of standard tolerances for each type of component: plastic, metal, silicon, etc.

SPARK have total 11 component for Power Unit and 16 component for Atomizer . During audit verified the drawing for Battery Connecter(P/N : E Cigs Factory-AS-001A-004-03-201-A01),found the material type name indicate in Sample stage drawing is GB Copper CU3604 which is different with Trial run and Mass production drawing material type (CU/C3604). Actual material did not change form Sample to Trial/Mass Production only material designation. However, ECN process was not followed and drawing version number was not updated with a note to indicate nature of change. For other component drawing,the material designation are OK — same for sample stage, Trial run stage and Mass production stage.

During verification of the drawing for Battery Connecter(P/N : E Cigs Factory-AS-001A-004-03-201-A01),instead of the material type name issue , also found that there is no differentiate for the drawing revision control between Sample stage and mass production. Both drawing is the same(Rev1.0) while procedure mention there should name the drawing revision at Sample stage and trail run stage as A.0 and mass production as 1.0.

Instead of the Revision and Material type name issue for Battery Connecter(P/N : E Cigs Factory-AS-001A-004-03-201-A01) drawing, we also found there is a ECN issue for this part. There are 3 dimension change indicate in drawing and internal ECN has obtained and approved, but there is no evidence show customer written approval for this change.
Remark for the change detail :
-> Add dimension control 13.46 +0.0310
->Dimension change 1.6 +0.05 -0
->Add dimension 0.85+0 – 0.10

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