E Cigs Factory BOM Structure

Reviewed the E Cigs Factory BOM Structure. For Power Unit,there have total 6 BOM and differentiated by 6 color. For Atomizer , have 1 BOM and for Atomizer core,have 2 BOM,one is 1.2 Ohm and the other is 1.5 Ohm. The current BOM is manage manually by paper control and there is no ERP system to manage the BOM management in sample stage,Trial Run stage and Mass production. And E Cigs Factory has not differentiated the BOM main and sub assembly level. The level was the same as Level 1 and this will unable to understand the level between Main and sub assembly of BOM. Overall, the current BOM structure is not optimal but system is workable.

For SPARK,there is 4 type of packaging drawing( Atomizer core,Atomizer , Power unit and Full set Unit ). Each type is having the own type drawing and separated by 6 color. The packaging material is the same and the packaging covers are different by color and part/batch number .E Cigs Factory will change the packaging cover per order by color. Overall,the Packaging management system is manual by paper but is workable.

For Packaging Specification,the requirement is recorded at BOM and Drawing. For Batch number and box printing information,is recorded in a control document and list clearly by type.

Checked relevant product drawings were available in document control, such product parameter sheets, test reports, third party certified reports (CE, RoHS, TPD), etc.

checked product specification(Alpha project product parameter sheet ) were built and confirmed by the customer.

Sampling checked key component drawings found that these drawing had document control but E Cigs Factory did not build a master list of these drawings.

Checked there were three BOMs for Alpha project having revision controlled: Power unit, Atomizer and coil. Changes to the BOM were ECN controlled (ECN170603). The ECN with comment of customer approved but E Cigs Factory could not showed customer official approval evidence.

Checked drawings for packaging were designed by E Cigs Factory customer, such as inner box, middle box and case and these drawings were document controlled.

Packaging specifications were designed by E Cigs Factory customers and E Cigs Factory built SOP and QCP to control it (E Cigs Factory-SOP-P-ALPHA-01-01, E Cigs Factory-SOP-P-ALPHA-02-01, E Cigs Factory-SOP-P-ALPHA-03-01, QCP-ALHPA-04)

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