The function for GEL Ring of Pod Vape Atomizer

Aprons, sealing ring, a call is material, is a kind of call function, but believe a lot of users are not very clear about electronic cigarette atomizer aprons function, electronic cigarette atomizer aprons function is actually very simple, electronic cigarettes atomizer aprons first is insulation function, the function of ¬†Pod Vape atomizer aprons what? Let’s take a look.

Pod Vape atomizer

There are different types of gaskets on the market, even if the same size, materials may be different, let alone different types of gaskets. The functions of different sizes and styles of rubber bands are different again. Today, we will make an inventory to make it easier to contact in the market and take out some products that need to be taken care of in daily use.

Big shenzhen’s bell jar version of renju, and we use a higher frequency of the ordinary version of renju. Because of the negative pressure oil-conducting structure of the kf series, the sealing effect of the rubber ring indicated by the arrow is very important, and the outer diameter should support the interface of the upper bin cover, and the inner diameter should also hold the tight airway. When cleaning and taking apart, players should pay attention to this little rubber ring. By the way, the small rubber ring on the bottom filling screw also needs to be paid attention.

The position indicated by the arrow in the figure also has a rubber ring, which is embedded in the groove of the top cover of the small tank. This part of the rubber ring is combined with the airway after the overall installation of the atomizer. If the rubber ring is damaged or lost, it cannot well seal the Pod Vape atomizer.

Pod Vape atomizer

Due to its unique shape and good suction resistance, wuzi drop mouth is different from the taste of large-caliber drop mouth. Many players will often prepare one or two more for use in other atomizers. The inclined street on it is equipped with two slots, providing two sealing rubber rings. Such gaskets are relatively easy to obtain. After all, they are the atomizers that have been available for a long time and have a high market share, so it is not difficult to find such gaskets accessories.

The glue ring on the tip of a spout like DS atomizer, the special shape of the spout itself, is also a step shape, unlike the round rubber ring we usually see. The tape loops are set to sound crisp and pleasant when the dropper is inserted. However, after a long time of pulling and plugging, there will be damage as shown in the picture to a large extent. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use in ordinary times. If there is a stuck mouth, it cannot be forced into the mouth.

Pod Vape atomizer

Kanger’s small tank is a type of Pod Vape atomizer, its internal gluing form is more diverse, itself has the essential seal function, simultaneously also with the glass storehouse close union, also certain degree of buffer glass and metal collision friction. It is difficult to find a replacement if the gasket is damaged or missing, but some manufacturers take it into account in the later stage or the original.

There is a difference between the function of the glass tank on a type of atomizer like kabuki and that of the glass tank on a small tank. Such a rubber tank mainly relies on the outer diameter of the glass tank to contact the glass tank and squeeze the entire oil tank to seal. This setting has a small amount of oil leakage if the gasket is damaged or improperly installed.

The rubber ring shown in the figure appears most at the joint of each part, which is the main sealing part. Is the most vulnerable to wear, the most easily lost type of rubber ring. Often found missing in the installation process after cleaning, it is necessary to install the rubber ring, need attention.

The sealing action of the gasket at the bottom of the atomizing core, as shown by the arrow in the picture, is particularly prominent. If the gasket falls off or is damaged, the oil leakage will be very serious.

DS atomizer and PICO type atomizer, and the air regulating ring of base are all detachable, which will not affect the normal use after removal. After such a rubber ring is installed, we can adjust the air intake to increase a certain degree of damping, and at the same time, we won’t make the air intake adjustment ring too loose.

Pod Vape atomizer

There is also a type of rubber ring, itself is our common and common rubber ring, such a rubber ring is covered in non-circular parts, so that the rubber ring is also non-circular. One example is the kf4 atomizer, which is too loose and will inevitably leak oil, but if it is too big, it will be squeezed and deformed as it is tightened during installation.

As shown in the figure, two parts of the central chamber of the atomizer are connected. The setting method of the gel ring is different, but the functions are the same. Take the two RDA atomizers, the bell and the tugboat, and the President will personally prefer the tugboat setting. The rubber ring of the bell requires higher precision of the rubber ring. Even the genuine bell has a certain chance to fall off when being unplugged, which needs to be paid attention to.

An extremely important gasket, of course, there are many atomizers that do not have such a gasket set up at the electrode column, but use other materials of insulation or structural design. This kind of rubber ring is not usually touched, rarely tinker, but this rubber ring is very important.

The first point is the insulation. If the rubber ring is not installed or seriously damaged in use, it is likely to cause direct short circuit, especially for the power supply equipment of the type of mechanical pole, which has great safety risks and requires special attention. Be sure to install the gasket after disassembly or cleaning.

The Pod Vape atomizer  rubber ring should not be hard when it is installed, and it will be much smoother when it is adjusted. Treat them carefully, and remember to keep the accessories (especially the genuine ones).

Pod Vape atomizer

A brief discussion on the detailed function of the electronic smoke atomizer gel ring to explain to you here, the first point of the electronic smoke atomizer gel ring function is insulation, in our daily use. The rubber ring should be anti-lock, anti-loss, anti-extrusion deformation, which must be installed oh.

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