E Cigs Factory having the SPC Procedure

E Cigs Factory having the SPC Procedure [Doc No: ECigs-WI-QA-030] .During review the procedure,found the sample size requirement is pre fix 5Pcs/2H for all process in the procedure. This is not reasonable. Some critical parameters (example: Battery voltage level) should be 100% checked to ensure the product quality). Suggest to review and setup a reasonable frequency for critical parameters and update into Quality control plan.

During review the SPC procedure,the SPC checking point is require to indicate in the production process flow.After review the current production process flow,found there is no indication of SPC checking process in the production process flow.

Vape wholesale distributor china  has SOP for each process station; but in SOP no P/N for sub-assembly.

E Cigs Factory has training record and Operator skill matrix to track operator training progress

E Cigs Factory has explosion drawing for product, and has sub assembly pictures on SOP.

4 lines set up with ESD grounding wire on at production floor. Among of them,1 line with exhaust pipe for solder iron; but no production KANBAN to drive hourly output

Per E Cigs Factory information, Atomizer output 12000pcs@ Head Count (HC) 25 & 8hrs; Cartridge output 3000pcs@ HC25 & 8hrs; PU output 2500pcs@ HC25 & 8hrs
But no time study report and LBR (Line balance rate) analysis;

There is no Good and NG limited sample in place for SPARK kit set packing

E Cigs Factory has established procedure and flowchart for traceability(BEC-QP-16) .

Currently E Cigs Factorydoesn’t have ERP/Barcode system. The manual record can only trace back 4 of 27 components .(Mouthpiece,PCBA,Battery Cell and liquid tank) with no traceability of other 23 components .

Most of the E Cigs Factory component suppliers haven’t provided lot number on the label for shipment(The lot number information is necessary for traceability function).E Cigs Factory should instruct their component suppliers to introduce lot number for traceability function .Wholesale Smok e cigs 

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