E Cigs Factory important traceability information

a.E Cigs Factory important traceability information was missing filled on the IQC report such as P/N,lot number ,PO number ,Delivery Number (Even for the 4 components listed above)
b. E Cigs Factory does not have an internal E Cigs Factory lot numbering policy/procedure for incoming material (which could identify the PO ,supplier lot number and receiving date for components ). Therefore for most materials there is no lot numbering for materials released to Production.

Purchasing and warehouse sometimes are not following PMC’s instruction for purchasing and issuing material as auditor found below issue :
a.The quantity between PR (purchasing request form ) and PO (Purchasing order) is inconsistent .The auditor checked the Battery and PCB :The quantity in PR is 37000pcs while in PO is 38850.
b.Auditor checked the material request form and also found that the requested quantity and the actual issuing quantity inconsistent issue (Form number 20170519004 ,EVA requested quaintly 6000,
the actual issuing quantity:3000. Form number 20170515001,Sillicon sealing ring requested quantity 20000,actual issuing quantity10000)

a. E Cigs Factory has a traceability summary report for 4 components but the SB# (supplier batch# )information is only available for Battery .
b.We suggest E Cigs Factory to design solid forms to trace the actual material traceability information (such as switch lot number ) used on production per production job order since E Cigs Factory doesn’t have material scanning system when issuing material to production to control the traceability information of material

When checked rework procedure, E Cigs Factory could not provide a formal procedure document for it.
But tracked back E Cigs Factory “Production Report Record” and “Process Defect Daily Report Record” (as attached photos) E Cigs Factory did do rework for process defect parts. But E Cigs Factory didn’t have rework instruction or procedure to guide operators’ rework.

For rework station layout, E Cigs Factory E Cigs ODM  didn’t specified a rework station and the production leader replied that rework was done randomly in spare stations in the line.

When checking rework record E Cigs Factory could not provide a formal rework record with complete contents filled in, such as P/N, date, quantity, defect description, name of reworked, etc.

When checking the defect parts identification, found E Cigs Factory did have classified label to separate defective parts. But in the defective parts collecting place, found 9 pcs power units were labeled with defect date of May 14th (more than month ago). So logically these parts will be mixed into the coming shipment after rework. So lot traceability can not be reasonably done.
a.The date on shipment plan is June24 but the actual shipment date is June26 .E Cigs Factory haven’t updated the shipping plan if have change on shipment date
b.The shipment plan form doesn’t have rev number to control the change

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