E Cigs Factory need to consider to set up a finished goods

a.E Cigs Factory also need to consider to set up a finished goods warehouse for future larger quantity goods storage with humiduity,temperature and security control.
b.For future large quantity mass production shipment ,Suggest E Cigs Factory
to pallet the goods and introduce a solid system to verify the shipment information such as case ,carton ,pallet label information .

a.Suggest E Cigs Factory to take photo before shipment and perform shipment patrol audit and prepare audit report accordingly for every shipment Wholesale iJOY E Cigs.
b.Suggest E Cigs Factory consider whether to use data logger in future to monitor the temperature during logistic

The IQC/IPQC/OQC defect analysis are available from March,2017 until May,2017. There is a summary analysis breakdown chart by month for IQC/IPQC/OQC. The chart shows all the data is 100% passed and after review the data collection method,found E Cigs Factory was not capturing the data correctly and they are using Passing Rate instead of First Pass Yield as data capturing. The corrective action was not carried out for those first pass Yield fail items as they will rework the fail product to have good part and record the Passing Rate. To better identify the product performance,suggest to use First Pass Yield instead of Passing Rate.

E Cigs Manufacturers China Reject Analysis is available and the current production reject rate is around 2% and the biggest defects are PCBA and Press In Issue . During review the Production analysis data dated 7/June /2017,there is a excessive glu defect detected by IPQC.The Root cause is the man handling issue and the corrective Action is only operator training . For some man handling issue, instead of operator training , suggest to add process improvement for fixture on machine as a better error proof improvement,

Customer stratification (E Cigs Factory-QP16)Survey procedure has defined E Cigs Factory need to perform the customer satisfaction 1 time every year .But E Cigs Factory haven’t well controlled this item as the survey date information is missing on the actual survey sheet .E Cigs ODM


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