E Cigs Factory supplier management procedure

E Cigs Factory supplier management procedure documents, found they have supplier qualification procedure, supplier periodically assessment procedure and process follow. And supplier score cards are available.Wholesale Smok e cigs 

When order management records, found E Cigs Factoryreleased purchasing orders are with management approval before releasing to supplier( refer to attached photos:BK20170325-09;BK20170616-07 );
And released purchasing orders are with supplier confirmation and signed back ( refer to attached photos: BK20170621-04; BK20170614-13);
Purchasing team also has a master list of released orders and tracks the order’s on-time-delivery progress

When check purchasing order data and PMC material planning found that the actual purchasing quantity is different from PMC schedule. Detaisl can refer to findings in 8.3-2

E Cigs Factoryhas production control procedure BEC-QP11 to define the material planning process, and the material waste allowance need to be specified in Material request form when do planning. E Cigs Factorysaid that they have standard waste allowance for each kind of material but can not show the evidence. The waste allowance standard list need to be come out, and need to be complied by planner and buyer to ensure system consistent.E Cigs Manufacturers China

E Cigs Factoryhas 2 plants at different campus to handle contingency issue and has moveable drivers to backup each department documents/drawings/Procedure etc. But these moveable drivers are being kept at current factory.They need find safety place at other location.

The Material Qualification Procedure and flow (DOC NO : BEC-Wi-RD-006) is available have implement into SPARK and ALPHA material Qualification process. After review the procedure, found that there is no testing criteria define for new material qualification. Suggest E Cigs Factoryto setup the testing criteria (For example , for Battery,need to perform : charge and discharging test ,battery capacity measurement ,battery safety discharge rare; 100% battery voltage test in production and sample test in IQC)

The Material qualification report which records the supplier production capability and report is available and breakdown by component and part number at DCC. Wholesale iJOY E Cigs

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