E Cigs Factory review onsite during supplier production trial run audit

The Material Production Process flow is unavailable in the material qualification report. After checking with E Cigs Factory,they will not collect from supplier but will review onsite during supplier production trial run audit. Review the supplier audit checklist and there is a requirement to review the supplier production process flow.

MSDS report is available and all document have been document control and store in the serve.The link of the document will report at material qualification report cover sheet.

The Material qualification FAI report is available for all component used at SPARK and Alpha. After review ,found all the component level FAI report is available but for the Module/Unit level FAL inspection report ,the report is unavailable and only have a status completion remark make in the component level FAI report.Wholesale Smok e cigs 

For the new supplier qualification (E Cigs Factory-QP-10)the passing score defined in the supplier management procedure is 70 score ,but the actual record showed the full score is 150 . (Means E Cigs Factory used the unreasonable criteria in the procedure to judge the supplier passing or not )

E Cigs Manufacturers China has not performed the supplier production performance monitoring (KPI).Also most of the of their suppliers haven’t provided the OQC report for shipment .E Cigs Factory IQC need to check the supplier outgoing (OQC) report to confirm certification of compliance(COC).

E Cigs Factory need to review the and monitor closely of the supplier process flowchart and quality control plan (QCP) since currently most of their suppliers don’t have document for flowchart and QCP

a. Suggest E Cigs Factory recruit some supplier quality engineer (SQE) to manage component quality . (Currently no dedicated supplier quality guys available) E Cigs ODM
b. Suggest E Cigs Factory to increase on-site audit frequency from 1 time every year to 1 time every month to closely monitor the supplier performance and rating.

E Cigs Factory use material balance card to track material FIFO, but some incoming material no date code and Lot code. It’s difficult to ensure FIFO

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