E Cigs Factory has policy of counterfeit and illicit trade

E Cigs Factory has established change management Procedure and flow(E Cigs Factory-QP09).E Cigs Factory says that they only have one change of battery connector drawing update .The balance transferred from previous material balance card to new card, but the original receiving date no recorded, this means no life control, or difficult control. Sampling check material balance card – AURORA III Air channel

Auditor found drawing rev confusion issue on ECR and ECN
a.ECR for battery connector:The drawing rev is 1.1 before change ,the right one should be 1.0
b.ECN for battery connector:The drawing rev coding method mentioned in ECN is different between before and after change (Before is 1.1 and after is 1.0 on the ECN, the right one should be 1.0 before change and 1.1 after change )

One dimension in the battery connector drawing after ECN change is 1.60-1.65,but in the sample validation report shows 1.38 also E Cigs Factory has taken it as acceptable .

When checked NDA, found E Cigs Factory had NDA with all key parts suppliers, such as battery, PCB, coil, etc. (refer to attached photos)

E Cigs Factory has policy of counterfeit and illicit trade, and having a copy of it posted in the bulletin board (refer to attached photo) E Cigs Manufacturers China

E Cigs Factory has employment management procedure documents stating all necessary principles of working hour, discipline, safety, health, etc. (refer to attached photos)

Checked employee register list includes 98 members. No illegal employee found.(refer to attached photo)

Check employee attendance record of date of 1th June, no out of limit record found. (refer to attached photo)

E Cigs Factory built fire protection management procedure regulate fire prevention measures and periodic check requirement and had record.

E Cigs Factory built emergency response procedure specifying the reaction of follow and responsible department.

E Cigs Factory built chemical safety management procedure regulates the storage and handling conditions. Such as batters are stored in an individual room which is separated from manufacturing building, with conditioner and fire-fighting equipment’s, medical alcohol which is used for cleaning is stored in a specified place with flammable warning.

E Cigs Factory E Cigs ODM built EHS management procedure
With Critical work station identified list and employees in critical work stations had health check and had records which were officially released by the qualified medical care center
Also, E Cigs Factory built power using safety management procedure and air pollution emission management procedure and had environment safety quarterly check record including power usage, water, EHS, fire-fighting equipment’s, etc.Wholesale iJOY E Cigs

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