Brillipower E Cig

BRILLIPOWER E Cig to various fancy today, jungle power supply equipment, by the beginning of mechanical equipment to a pressure regulating device, in to the present temperature control device, temperature control and regulation are controlled by the chip power supply equipment from BRILLIPOWER E Cig, it’s a lot of talking about temperature control and regulation. The voltage regulating vape pen supplier device is the method of pressure regulating which is used to pressurize and decompress the battery.

Brillipower  E Cig

The concept of temperature control equipment changed from concept to actual BRILLIPOWER E Cig product. It was in the second half of 2015 that the technology was perfected and popularized in 2015.The e cigarette manufacturer temperature control is simply based on the monitoring and calculation of the resistance after heating the heating wire. There are certain rules to control the change of resistance during heating process. The essence of temperature control is still the power output heated to atomized smoke oil, but e cigarette manufacturers control to different methods. In general, the two data used from BRILLIPOWER E Cig have different feelings on the atomization of the same cigarette oil. First of all, we should talk about the pressure regulating equipment of BRILLIPOWER E Cig and the atomization of the pressure-regulating device is more powerful, and the sensation of the throat and the intensity are more violent.

And the feeling of BRILLIPOWER E Cig temperature control is like tai chi, which is just as soft. So use it for your own liking.In detail, the performance of temperature control is stronger and more distinct.This is different from the pressure regulation of different e cigarette manufacturer, which depends on the structure of the atomizer and the resistance of the production to match the power. Therefore, the temperature control in the BRILLIPOWER E Cig of taste is still slightly better.