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(1) brand planning. Online sales of Wholesale Cigavette E Cigs products and offline products should be differentiated from the brand, and should be registered separately, and apply for the right to use TM.

Wholesale Cigavette E Cigs

(2) register the domain name. Registered Wholesale Cigavette E Cigs official website, mobile website and other domain names, can register multiple domain names, avoid future domain name lei, protect the domain name intellectual property rights;

(3) barcode registration. The bar code registration shall be accepted by the local quality and technical supervision bureau and the state bar code center certification. To timely carry out the bar code registration of products to ensure product quality testing before the product is listed; (4) general address registration. There is no clear identification and publicity of electronic cigarettes in China. Therefore, Wholesale Cigavette E Cigs stores have low coverage, and online shopping is the main mode of sales. Actively register the Wholesale Cigavette E Cigs general website, advance the layout, occupy the advantageous resources; (5) enterprise alipay real-name verification. Enterprises need toward binding account pay treasure, the proper use of the third party trading platform to give customers more choices space, the purpose is to the third party platform of customer lead up to the electronic cigarette website; (6) sample customization. In order to ensure the balance of the market price, avoid electronic cigarettes with conventional cigarettes contain each other, made distinction between online and offline products, to develop new enough, electronic cigarette products to the market to attract consumers; (7) packaging design. In after the birth of a new brand, the outer packing should pass the designers to design and positioning, mainly for different class of consumer groups, separate series, make products on sales platform look variety, full of beautiful things in eyes.

Wholesale Cigavette E Cigs e Cigarettes China Factory Supplier

Wholesale Cigavette E Cigs e Cigarettes China Factory Supplier

2.1 website core management system. (1) operation monitoring: monitoring website operation time, domain name status, traffic analysis; (2) visual management: what is seen is the rapid change of the content of the specified website, the content of the specified content is added, the content of the specified content is instantly edited, and the display order is displayed for the specified content.