Digiflavor Vape Starter kit

The rise of the Digiflavor Vape Starter kit industry is on the rise. In just a few years,Digiflavor Vape Starter kit brands have been numerous. People need to know more clearly about e-cigarettes to pick up the right kind of e-cigarettes. According to the network, the classification of e-cigarettes is introduced here.

According to the current electronic cigarette classification:

1. Classification by charging mode

1. E-cigarettes that cannot be recharged repeatedly: disposable smoke

2. Two – phase direct and rechargeable electronic smoke: the battery is designed to be a component that is filled with the nicotine solution and evaporator directly. (the market is mostly like this.)

3. Portable rechargeable electronic smoke: the battery is designed to be a component of the smoke tube and evaporator mobile charging device (similar to mobile phone charging device) with a nicotine solution.

4. Wireless charging e-cigarette: the current wireless charging technology is not perfect, and most of the powerfulDigiflavor Vape Starter kitr&d teams have this project, which is one of the development trends of future e-cigarettes.

Ii. Classification of the formation of e-cigarettes:

1. Simulation smoke: the size and appearance of smoke are the same as real smoke

2. Non-simulated smoke: various shapes, catering to a wide variety of people.

3. Throughout the history of Digiflavor Vape Starter kit development, there have been several categories of products, which are detailed here:

Cigar e-cigarette: it should be said that the first invention of the nose ofDigiflavor Vape Starter kitis this cigar

2. Pipe e-cigarette:Digiflavor Vape Starter kitshaped like a pipe;

3. Flat mouth e-cigarette: the cigarette holder is plastic flat mouth;
4. Mini e-cigarette: the shape is more like cigarette size;
E-cigarette: the diameter is very thin, very similar to women’s cigarettes;
6. CartmizerDigiflavor Vape Starter kit(fine e-cigarette) : integrated the atomizer and the smoke bomb, which is not easy to leak, and the smoke volume is larger;

E-cigarette with cigarette lips resembling cigarette;

8. One-time e-cigarette:Digiflavor Vape Starter kitsmoke bars cannot be charged;

9. Disposable cigar e-cigarette: shaped like a cigar, but the smoke rod cannot be charged;

10.EGO e-cigarette: larger in shape;

11.VGO e-cigarette: a larger EGO with a cartmizer shape;

12. Mechanical electronic cigarettes: compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, mechanical electronic cigarettes no circuit board, it is entirely rely on mechanical principles to transfer current to the atomizer, the battery capacity is compared commonly big, can be replaced at the same time.

13. High power electronic cigarette: it can adjust the number of electronic cigarette wattage, which brings the high amount of smoke. It’s the most popularDigiflavor Vape Starter kiton the market.
So far,Digiflavor Vape Starter kit brands have begun to appear in a variety of places in the domestic and foreign markets. With the implementation of the global tobacco control measures and the pursuit of the concept of healthy living,Digiflavor Vape Starter kit has become a popular trend in China.