Shenzhen HugsVape Technology Co., Ltd
HugsVape Factory Is an integrative high-tech manufacturer specializing in the production, development, researching and marketing of electronic cigarettes. Since the initial of its establishment, has been devoted itself to innovation, quality control, safety management and improved technology of electronic cigarettes.


1. Choose to join the electronic cigarette industry committee of China electronic chamber of commerce without hesitation

2. Actively participate in the e-cigarette exhibitions at home and abroad, as always

3. Persist in developing original e-cigarettes and never relax

4. It is imperative to attach importance to the marketing of e-cigarette products and brands

5. It is important to strengthen the talent reserve, team building and enterprise management of the e-cigarette industry

In the new situation, how should e-cigarette enterprises improve their own competitiveness and occupy more market share? Specifically, how to design the electronic cigarettes can meet the demand of consumers, how from concept to finished product, how to carry out new product promotion, how to make hot style, how to carry out the brand marketing, how to excavate and docking more customer groups and so on, these are the electronic cigarette companies need time to think and solve.

There is no doubt that talent, team building and enterprise management play an important role. Like zhuoeryue, SMOK, new yikang’s market, brand, products why so successful, must have done enough in these aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the talent reserve, team building and enterprise management of the e-cigarette industry.


Reasonable price, super quality, the defective rate below to 5 ‰
Factory managed by professional ERP system, on time delivery.

With an experienced and professional team
We have been cooperated with a great number of importers and wholesaler stores and trading companies on the processing & marketing of our products all over the world, especially the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The low-threshold progress alternative
HugsVape Factory’s OEM service suits for equipment manufacturers or trademark owners who want to test a target market with minor manufacturing quantities without extra risks, with low costs and a quick schedule.

HugsVape Factory’s OEM service means the development of products and certain regulators. At HugsVape, we have developed several products, certain regulators and many other similar equipment. These products that already exist can be customized to correspond to your needs and sold as a part of your product.

What benefits does the OEM solution include?
1. HugsVape guarantees the quality of your product – You can strengthen our marketing speech by telling your customers that your product uses Finnish, proven and high-quality Ouman regulators that are customized for the purpose.

2. As a customer, you do not need to worry about the development costs – High numbers of manufacturing aim to compensate the development costs. When there are no development costs, you start with an OEM solution quickly and easily even with small manufacturing numbers.