Joyetech e Cigarettes

Wholesale Joyetech e Cigarettes are electronic products that mimic cigarettes, with the same appearance, smoke,
taste and feel as cigarettes. It is a product that is used by the user to make the user smoke
when the nicotine is turned into steam by means of atomization. Many businessmen and
practitioners believe that Joyetech e Cigarettes can solve the health problems of smokers and the
harmful effects of second-hand smoke on the general public.

Wholesale Joyetech e Cigarettes

Although the acceptance of e- cigarettes varies, second-hand smoke still has a large market. The Wholesale Joyetech e Cigarettes bloomberg industry estimates that the global e-cigarette market will total about $1 billion in 2013, and the e-
cigarette industry is expected to grow to $10 billion in 2017.

36krypton has learned that the
electronic cigarette research and development manufacturer “zhisheng zhisheng” has completed
30 million yuan angel + round financing today, which is invested by individual investors. This
round of funds will be used in the development and development of the European and American
and southeast Asian markets.

Zhisheng can have integrated e-cigarette r&d design, production
and sales ability.Wholesale Joyetech e Cigarettes can cause smoke electronic cigarettes in warehouse, as well as the
full metal zinc alloy shell (aluminum body texture similar to the iphone), want to solve the
part of the electronic cigarette on the market in oil leakage, wear resistance and designs
simple. In oil tank and battery life, the capacity of zhisheng can be 10 mah and the battery
capacity is 2200 milliampere. It can be used for 3-4 days, and the oil can be used for 1-3

Wholesale Joyetech e Cigarettes
At present, Wholesale Joyetech e Cigarettes China Factory Supplier can mainly develop the “blue beast” and other 10 electronic
cigarettes and a low-temperature non-combustible non-lampblack e-cigarette. The “blue beast”
e-cigarette sold 40,000 units in four months.The business model of zhisheng is B2B2C. Its
customers are mainly e-cigarette trading companies and tobacco brands, with more than 20
upstream and downstream suppliers.

In addition to providing Wholesale Joyetech e Cigarettes products, zhisheng to offer B end
product research and development services, the development of the total cost of the single
product (from product creation to complete the transfer of intellectual Wholesale Joyetech e Cigarettes property rights) of
about 500000 yuan, development cycle is about 45 days.