Ply Rock E Cigarette

American ply rock e cigarette baroque electronic cigarette China 300 thousand red envelopes rain celebration successfully concluded. To celebrate the 2017 global sales reached 3 million units, the Ply Rock E Cigarette baroque electronic cigarettes shining New York’s times square nasdaq screens, at home and abroad to attract more than 500 media scramble to report, Ply Rock E Cigarette once again become a hot topic. To witness the annual mileage Ply Rock E Cigarette records, the ply rock e cigarette baroque China open eight-day 300000 red rain Thanksgiving feedback, send yanju, oil smoke, coupons thousands of prizes such as welfare, online nationwide revelry, user participation enthusiasm high, successively.

For seven years with the excellent Ply Rock E Cigarette product design and experience, the ply rock e cigarette baroque got many electronic smoke fan support and great kindness, since 2014 has been firmly the Ply Rock E Cigarette brand sales in the first three, and in the United States, Canada, London, France, Japan, China and other countries in the world is hot.

ply rock e cigarettes
ply rock e cigarettes

The ply rock e cigarette baroque on nasdaq “world first screen” stunning appearance, further promoting the healthy and fashionable for smoke, the media also aim the camera Ply Rock E Cigarette industry, both at home and abroad more than 500 media scramble to report, frames the e-cigarettes moment of glory, much more verified the trend of the electronic cigarette industry, Volkswagen, good fashion trends.

ply rock e cigarette

The grand prize in greater China is a big surprise. Since entering China in 2016, the ply rock e cigarette baroque for many electronic cigarette enthusiasts to provide the first-class service and experience, online and offline sales ShangGuiLv is extremely high, brand recognition and recognition is becoming more and more strong, influence rapidly promote the greater China region. To thank you for choosing and trusting the new and old customers of the American ply rock e cigarette baroque e-cigarettes, China has a big bang for the big bang.

The event push “all to share, Ply Rock E Cigarette all prize”, during the 15th of December 8 ~ 12 month online synchronous start, sweep code divided 300000 red rain national lottery, into the shop, can sweep sweep, each more award opportunities for many times, the ply rock e cigarette baroque, LMC terminator, WAKE, and many other brands seem to enjoy preferential deduction, surprises! Soon after the launch, it attracted thousands of users to participate actively, and the atmosphere was unprecedentedly hot. In just two days, many of the prizes, such as a sPly Rock E Cigarette, a smokeless oil package and a coupon, have been “carried away” by a number of friends, and the online and offline craze has been set off.

The Ply Rock E Cigarette activity has not only ignited the popular popularity of the official Tmall “flagship store”, but also attracted many new and old customers from the offline official experience center. The ply rock e cigarette baroque implement new online retail model, into the shop, customers can also enjoy 300000 red rain to celebrate, “the whole product, with the same price”, “to share online, discount” upgrade services, such as omni-directional meets the user’s consumption habits and requirements.

In addition to participating in the latest Ply Rock E Cigarette preferential activities, users can also try out various types of tobacco products and smoke oil in the store. More salesmen are explaining the science of e-cigarettes, and shopping is faster. Offline online lottery celebrated 300000 red rain, a new retail the core concept of “improving consumer experience”, build the offline experience centre is given priority to with products, services, perfect for the event to draw the full stop.