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The Pod Vape System Kits MINI, a stick cigarette fit for quitting smoking, is coming in the summer. In 2018, under the prevailing situation of smokeless flat tobacco, kangertech kanger made great efforts to overcome the public opinions and created a Pod Vape System Kits MINI stick for users to give up smoking.

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Industry background: flat tobacco is rampant in 2018

Since its official launch in February 2018, kanger Pod Vape System Kits MINI has been deeply loved by users at home and abroad for its simple shape, practical function and the taste of diaoyutian.

An official Pod Vape System Kits MINI poster

Before introducing the Pod Vape System Kits MINI, D first enumerates the deficiencies of flat tobacco:

First of all, due to the small size of flat tobacco, the built-in lithium capacity is insufficient, limited endurance.

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Secondly, flat tobacco needs special high nicotine salt tobacco oil, to get good taste. At present, the technology is not mature enough, and the price is relatively expensive.

Third, flat tobacco smoke shell widely used plastic parts, through ultrasonic plastic welding seal. Under the action of high frequency ultrasonic wave, if the raw material quality, production process is not up to standard, there will be more or less toxic material precipitation problem in the process!

Fourth, flat tobacco products themselves in the original intention of the design, smoke bombs have a life of use, which is generally disposable. Repeated injection of lampblack projectiles, such as multiple utilization, will lead to uncontrollable chemical changes in the plastic parts of the smoke-drop, and the safety of human body is not clear.

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The appearance is so similar, small D means very helpless

Fifth, a disposable smoke bomb, due to long-term oil injection storage and transportation, such as unreasonable design, atomizing core components exist long-term immersion metamorphism, may affect the taste.

Sixth, the one-time smoke bomb, if did not do the vacuum test, in the transportation process, may have the leakage phenomenon!

The above is small D to with flat tobacco’s humble opinion, personal opinion, still hope not pleased not to spray ~

Get to the point! The Pod Vape System Kits MINI e-cigarette kit from the outside to the inside is high-end and simple to use. Its package USES black and white advocate color, gules ornament color design, suit oneself or give a gift.

Packaging box outside the body plastic seal, the side of the box posted official security labels, to ensure that users received the original authentic. Mobile phone scan anti-counterfeiting qr code, will automatically jump to kanger anti-counterfeiting query official website.

As the anti-counterfeiting technology is provided by Germany tesa and the time zone of foreign servers is different, the time obtained may be different from the current time in China, but it does not affect the authenticity of the anti-counterfeiting information.

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Security query schematic diagram

Conor Pod Vape System Kits MINI box length, width and height: 145MM * 68MM * 35MM, weight only 178g, fully considering the economy of logistics.

Packing box length, width and height

Whether foreign trade wholesale cross-border e-commerce, or domestic entities online and offline, by volume or by weight, are suitable for rapid packaging and delivery, and saving logistics costs.

The total weight of a single suit is about 178g

After opening the box, the included host, accessories, specification display specifications. Green EVA cotton reserve three pits with appropriate size, well-arranged and customized for each part. Sufficient reserved space around the pit can effectively withstand external impact. In this way, whether it is small package express, or large transport, can effectively ensure that the box is not deformed and main engine parts are safe from damage!

Pod Vape System Kits MINI electronic cigarette kit opened the real picture

Official standards strive to be all things to all people, and users don’t get lost in a sea of complicated accessories. The Pod Vape System Kits MINI set includes: one electronic cigarette master, one 0.5 ohm atomizing core, one charging line, one package specification, one Chinese warranty card (Chinese version only), and one certificate.

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The official family picture is standard

The kangertech kanger Pod Vape System Kits MINI model comes with a “MINI” as its name implies, and the MINI’s appearance makes it “smoke like its name.” When the cigarette holder is shrunk, the length is only 120 mm; After sticking out the cigarette holder, it is 128 millimeters long, the length of a pen. It’s 22 millimeters in diameter, about the thickness of an adult thumb.

Compare the zoom length of the cigarette nozzle

The smoke stick is about the thickness of an adult’s thumb

The Pod Vape System Kits MINI is 22 millimeters in diameter

Consider the portability of a product, in addition to its appearance and volume, but also its own weight. Despite the fact that the Pod Vape System Kits MINI is full of materials, the main body part of the internal and external skeleton is made of metal. As the product is MINI, its weight is effectively controlled. When the atomizing core is installed without adding smoke oil, only 93 grams are desired. When filled with smoke oil, it is not expected to exceed 100 grams. It is easy to use and easy to store without bloat. This mini stick cigarette is very convenient for you to go out.

The Pod Vape System Kits MINI’s net weight is only 93 grams

One hand handles easily

In order to make the product extremely portable, kanger designer innovatively designed the cigarette holder to rotate and expand, making the whole rod more miniature, and the cigarette holder can effectively prevent dust. The appearance of curved cigarette mouthpiece makes it more close to the lips, and the entrance is comfortable.

Pod Vape System Kits MINI use demo short video

Between the fixed part and rotating part, to keep the air tightness of the telescopic smoke nozzle, the food silicone seal ring is implanted with the thickness. The heat transfer is blocked at this ring, and the smoke nozzle part is basically insulated. This is a truly clean, non – hot mouth e-cigarette!

Entrance suction not hot mouth

Top intake is an effective way to prevent leakage of e-cigarettes. Conor Pod Vape System Kits MINI makes it easier to pump without oil leakage or loss of taste. So how did the Pod Vape System Kits MINI do that? The answer is: a W top intake system.

W – type top air intake system – small D purely manual work

Viewed from the outside, the Pod Vape System Kits MINI is designed for 3VS3 air intake. The air flow diffuses from six air intakes and then converges, and uniformly enters SSOCC heating unit. SSOCC atomizing core is the air intake mode of the bottom opening. The external air entering can fully drive the smoke and oil vapor around the heating filament, which can be entered into the smoke pipe from the outside, from the inside, from the bottom up, and straight into the mouth and lung through the smoke nozzle. This subtle structure makes the smoke more intense and uniform, and there is no place for the oil to leak!

3 for 3 convection orifice intake mode

Conor Pod Vape System Kits MINI atomizing tank capacity 2 ml, top filling method. The gold molding process can keep the transparent and visible smoke oil storehouse at the same time, which can effectively protect the smoke oil storehouse and reduce the risk of damage caused by collision, falling and hot cracking.

Overall picture of atomizing chamber details

The inner wall of the oil chamber is in contact with the heating unit of the atomizing core, all of which are made of stainless steel to ensure the physical stability of the core high temperature area, and no harmful substances will be produced. The metal internal structure physically connects the metal outer wall of the oil tank, and enlarging the area can quickly conduct heat and prevent the oil tank from overheating. — if the metal outer wall of the oil tank is overheated in the process of use, it is actually caused by effective heat conduction, and the service frequency can be reduced within a short time.

Picture of Pod Vape System Kits MINI electronic cigarette disassembly assembly

When unscrew the top cover, 3 holes can be seen at the top of the tank: 1 middle vent and 2 side arc oil filling holes. The design of side filler hole can meet different sizes of dropper. (note: the middle circular hole is the vent of the smoke pipe, please do not oil the middle hole!)

Schematic diagram of filling oil flask and glass dropper with tip

Kanger Pod Vape System Kits MINI battery management fully reflects the human side! The charging port adopts the universal mini USB port (android port), and supports all kinds of USB port to plug and charge. The progressive electric quantity display of the lamp is convenient for users to know the charge and discharge of electronic smoke at any time. And peer brand similar products, more use single light color to represent different power status, very inconvenient!

The only pole cigarette with electric gradual indicator light in the popular market

Each little light represents 20 percent of the electricity. When charging, each full of a level, then the next level of electricity indicator lights flashing. After full 100%, all 5 indicators are on and no longer flashing. In the process of use, when the power is low, the five indicators will flash repeatedly and enter the standby state automatically.

Five light electric quantity indicator

Compared to the disadvantages of the flat smoke battery, the konar Pod Vape System Kits MINI has a built-in 1500 mah large-capacity battery, which is charged once and lasts for 48 hours (about 500 ports). Greater power rating enables greater atomization capacity, resulting in larger, more intense smoke than flat smoke.

Between the oversized smoke of box smoke and the small smoke of flat smoke, the conor Pod Vape System Kits MINI finds the balance point of user demand. It can not only activate the original taste of the oil, but also make the smoke more attractive and cool.

When it comes to taste, I have to mention the standard SSOCC atomizing core for Pod Vape System Kits MINI. SSOCC atomization core is based on the standard OCC atomization core of the SUBTANK MINI atomizer of kanger star product, which has evolved from generation to generation. It has long been known for its taste in the e-cigarette market.

From OCC to SSOCC, the company has experienced nearly 5 million e-smokers offline. The ability of SSOCC to restore the true taste of tobacco oil and the explosive power of atomized tobacco oil once made SSOCC a hot seller overseas.

Conor and a series of general atomizing core evolution diagram

In the market, in addition to conor’s original atomizer, many other brands of atomizers have taken the initiative to approach with conor, such as the siren, clapeng part of the atomizer also support SSOCC atomizer. Therefore, the taste of SSOCC is extraordinary!

The classic tank suit USES OCC’s old atomizing core

As an import product, the security of e-cigarette should not be neglected. According to the prototype provided by the government, small D can be regarded as a conscientious product through the method of “looking, smelling, asking and cutting”, judging from the details of workmanship, taste, certification information and the forced removal of internal parts.

First, the safety of the material itself. The material of the entrance part of kanger Pod Vape System Kits MINI and the part in contact with tobacco oil is food grade safety material. Before adding the oil, the atomizing core, the oil chamber and the top cover have no smell; When used, smoke is very mellow and has no extra odor.

No taste, is really healthy taste!

There is no one screw in the whole body of kanger Pod Vape System Kits MINI, which is all buckled, sealed, riveted or pressed. On the outside, look more relaxed and simple.

The upside: making a second retrofit impossible! Combined with official security inquiry, fully guarantee the new products in the market, are new and original machines!

There are 10 arc-shaped pressure relief holes on the bottom to prevent overheat of charging. The inner concave base can avoid the pressure relief hole being gradually blocked by dirt when placed vertically.

Bottom curved pressure relief hole

Whether it is pole smoke or box smoke, this kind of more powerful smoke electron smoke, most worried about battery explosion. In order to obtain more information about internal structure, D has to resort to destructive forced demolition.

Little D is ready to be ruthless with Pod Vape System Kits MINI – like motorized knives

Display diagram of each part of the battery bar main machine after the breakdown

On a technical level, the konar Pod Vape System Kits MINI USES a smart battery control chip to prevent the battery from overcharging and discharging. In order to maintain a stable taste, a chip which automatically detects the resistance value of the atomized core is implanted on the main board. According to the principle of higher temperature and greater resistance, the output current voltage is adjusted in real time to make the atomized core as constant as possible.

Ensure safety and boost performance of the core brain chip can not be less

Internal lithium battery and circuit board details

Soft cover lithium battery, outsourcing insulation layer and cushion cotton pad, avoid direct contact with metal shell, prevent short circuit; Shaking sound, make the battery rod more resistant to fall. Each internal electronic component welding spot is accurate and firm!

3.7v voltage measurement chart of multimeter

The konar Pod Vape System Kits MINI USES safety grade A+ cells to provide power source and solve potential explosion risk from the quality level of lithium battery itself.

Safety grade A+ core capacity 1500 ma

The cylindrical shell of the pole is made of reinforced metal, which can resist pressure and impact and effectively protect the battery. Even if, because the user charges use inappropriately, also can effectively resist partial internal pressure.

The cylindrical shell of the pole is made of reinforced metal

Any product is not 100% perfect, and conor Pod Vape System Kits MINI is no exception! If there is one major drawback, it is that after a period of use, more or less of the condensation needs to be cleaned in the rotating joint of the nozzle and the gas pipe.

This is also the entire electronic cigarette industry, has not completely solved the common problem. Compared with the embarrassing situation of traditional cigarette ash flying all over the sky, e-cigarette is healthier in nature, making the condensate problem innocuous!

Small D original “e-cigarette song” version ~~

Secondly, although the telescopic smoke nozzle makes the storage more convenient and dustproof to a certain extent, the air pilot hole is still empty! Here shout words kang: the ability bend ability stretch is really big husband, take a “cover” to cigarette mouth really have so difficult?

Fortunately, some manufacturers will give customized portable bags to thoroughly solve the problem of dust resistance.

Non-official original package — a portable bag that is authorized to be customized by merchants

Finally, talk about the use of the kon-pin MINI. It is easy to use for traditional cigarette smokers of different ages, because it is aimed at entry-level e-cigarettes.

In the following steps, the tightening force is 3 fingers of natural strength, do not screw too tight!

Step 1: after taking the machine, remove the KPIN MINI into three parts: smoke nozzle, atomizing chamber, battery lever;

Step 2: screw the standard atomizing core;

Step 3: assemble the newly disassembled atomizing chamber + battery pole;

Step 4: add the oil to the appropriate position along the holes on both sides of the top of the atomizing chamber; (generally no more than the top of transparent silo)

Step 5: screw on the top and let stand for 5 minutes