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1.Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils Kits, Taste of tobacco oil:In the previous issue, the editor has introduced the taste of tobacco oil, and you can find the details. This issue will not be covered.

Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils Kits
2. Concentration of smoke oil:

Divided into (0 mg) (3 mg) (6 mg) (12 mg) (24 mg) (36 mg) (48) mg nicotine content, the greater the number on the stronger the throat feeling, China’s old smoker highest probably 24 mg, the choice we would discourage players 12 mg enough, large amount of useless; Foreigners can reach a maximum of 48mg, I will not dissuade people if they die, the strong and strong foreigners are not false names.I recommend that the average player choose 3mg 6mg, which is enough.

3. The taste of the same tobacco oil has changed:

In different production batches, the taste will also change, for various objective reasons, such as stirring, heating, awakening oil and so on, which will affect the taste of tobacco oil. What’s more, if you change the equipment and smoke this oil, it will definitely taste different.

4. Shelf life and preservation of tobacco oil:

The shelf life of tobacco oil on the market is about 12 months. In fact, more than 12 months, as long as it is sealed, the oil can be smoked. Pay attention to the correct way of preservation of the smoke oil, feel the smoke of smoke oil began to heat the throat, there is something different, do not smoke.

5. Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils Kits are sweet:I think the problem met every player at first, reason is that smoking to oil, avoid smoke oil injection is overmuch, can be less than two-thirds of the atomizing storehouse, smoke to oil, jilt a cigarette holder, excess oil smoke thrown out, then clean with a paper towel.

6. Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils Kits ,Oil leakage from atomizer: Appeared leak, do not go to doubt the quality problem of the atomizer, if it is finished product heart atomizer, first take the finished product heart out dry, then dry for a while, make the oil atomizing core smoke inside dry after burn, mount again, never again to run heart process, this process is very easy to cause the atomizer to leak. If it’s a DIY atomizer, check first to see if the amount of cotton is low and not plug the oil leak caused by the oil inlet hole. The second thing is to check the rubber rings, threads and so on. In addition, whether to close the intake when refueling.

Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils Kits

8. Choice of Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils KitsĀ atomizer:

I won’t talk about the finished product atomizer, but I’ll talk about the optional DIY atomizer for beginners. It is very important for beginners to choose simple DIY atomizers, such as kf5, KF3, wuziqi, snake mini, etc., which are relatively good in taste and easy to operate. Dripping oil is optional, veil 3.0, Kennedy, hoboV3.1, etc.

9. Cleaning and Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils Kits:

The atomizer you just got is recommended to soak with hot water. When using hot water, remember to take out the rubber band. Otherwise easy deformation, affect the use. Whenever we are ready to change the smoke oil after smoking a storehouse, we can wash the glass storehouse with water or use alcohol. The rest will be fine with a paper towel.

10. Mushy:

Smoke oil has mushy taste, you are not the data set unreasonable, find the root cause. The biggest reason for the mushy flavor is the dry burning of cotton, which is caused by the lack of smoke oil supply. Effective solution, reduce the amount of cotton, do not go to the cotton rubbing very compact, fluffy is the most important.

11. Crack of Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils Kits warehouse:

The main reason for the cracking may be the high VG ratio, or the corrosive nature of the oil.

12. Is there any harm to e-cigarettes?

Seriously, I don’t know. All I know is that it’s not good to use too much nicotine in the oil. So it’s best to choose low concentrations under 6mg or zero mg without nicotine.

15. Spray-resistance problem of atomizer:

Check if the screw fixing the heating wire Angle is not tightened, if the wire Angle is not too long, it will hit the wall, and if the positive pole of the atomizer is not loose.

16. Oil guide cotton,Wholesale Replica Aspire Ijoy Eleaf Mod Atomizer Coils Kits:

What the individual USES more is Japanese jiangyuan road, the making-up cotton of muji good product, fine quality and cheap price, also is the individual USES down to feel good to recommend quite.