Replica Joyetech

Wholesale Replica Joyetech E Cigarette Mods Atomizer Coils officer at tfonem venture capital, which owns the Joyetech brand, said the event was aimed at elevating e-cigarette marketing to the same level as leading brands in other categories of products.

There are still many misconceptions Replica Joyetech television advertisements of male leading role is a shepherd, flying a helicopter conveys don’t do the common things and rely on their own ideas, and this idea also permeates Just You & Blu activity of black and white in the print advertising and outdoor advertising, advertising in the four other independent character is: the motorcyclist, comedian, drag queens, and models.

Although Wardley believes that electronic cigarette brands need to communicate across functions,he admits that the product still faces to ensure correct smokers were told, the main task of the current stage is described as “infancy”.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about electronic cigarettes,” he says: “we need to explain to consumers, electronic cigarettes than ordinary small cigarette harm, they do not contain tobacco, no burning, no smoke or smell – we need to strengthen education debate.”

Wholesale Replica Joyetech E Cigarette Mods Atomizer Coils will change dramatically

If the situation still exists to some extent, so some things will change next year, as the European rules will take effect within the scope of the production, Wardley think this rule is likely to lead to some small manufacturer is unwilling or unable to comply with the integration or eliminated.

Production rules covering the capacity of refills and the ratio of electronic smoke released from equipment will come into effect in November. But before that, Wholesale Replica Joyetech E Cigarette Mods Atomizer Coils came into effect on May 20, which means that e-cigarettes will not be able to advertise on television, newspapers and the Internet after May 20.
But other channels will still be available, including cinemas, the outdoors, the brand’s own social media channels and product outlets. Wardley says regulation simply means making the most of available channels for marketing.