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Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils that made e-cigarettes that produced inferior e-cigarettes, basically on the train, on the stalls, on the night market, dozens of them for sale, what? Husky oil, is your grandma sewing machine lubricating oil, 20 years ago or is that phoenix bicycle wheels oil when you were young, oh shit it is bad to smoke is more harmful than cigarettes poison also can’t pack to force his mother, I take out he has do?

Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils

But in the 1960s, A fellow foreigner Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils , and the crooked nut is said to be Herbert a. Gilbert. At that time, he made a smokeless device, to produce steam by heating nicotine solution gas, also in 1965, got the r&d patents, foreign patents in China, of course, is also no use, so this elder brothers found that China’s manufacturing power someone began to make electronic cigarettes after the heart is more anxious, to prepare for production and production and make some money. In fact, China’s production of e-cigarettes is also mainly for export. The American market has matured, while the domestic market is mostly in the emerging e-cigarette players.

Of course, it is nonsense to quit smoking by e-cigarettes. To tell the truth, Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils can quit smoking rely on perseverance. The advantage of the electronic cigarette is that he does not contain the ordinary cigarette tar, carbon monoxide, and the collection of metal particles chemicals, basically only vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and let it become the taste of the variety of flavors, then the problem to the friends saw? Nicotine! He still has nicotine! The addictive ingredients in cigarettes are all there. How do you quit? Essentially Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils looking for nicotine, smoking nicotine effect on the body make nervous excitement, dissolved in the blood, and the final will be metabolized in urine, along with the absence of nicotine, suddenly your nerves is restrained, the body will produce to nicotine demand and desire, this is the mechanism of cigarette addiction, then pulled out nicotine to another things to suck you, in fact did not help you get rid of it. So don’t kidding, electronic cigarettes does not help you stop smoking, will only make you less than a smoke cigarette harm by health, common substances such as tar in cigarettes can’t be absorbed by the lungs when it enters the human body, will remain in which it is difficult to discharge, affect lung function, and then you’ll lesion, cancer… Of course, you all know this, and I’m going to get a little annoyed if I go on.

Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils

But that’s not a big reason for the popularity of e-cigarettes. When you think about the first time a young person smokes a cigarette, isn’t it curiosity, being cool, being a man? And then you get addicted. What about e-cigarettes? It is divided into two parts, the main rod and atomizer, rod has a regulating rod and mechanical rod, regulating lever can adjust the resistance and voltage, the smaller the resistance, the bigger the voltage, then the greater the amount of smoke, smoke coming out of the atomizer, atomizer made up of metal heat wire and sponge, metal heat wire around the sponge, connecting rod, rod through the battery produces electricity through the metal heat wire to a high temperature, sponge and sponge drops of oil smoke evaporating and Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils produce a large amount of smoke, smoke is the mouth.

And, of course, Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils , do not need to always smoke drops of oil on the sponge, he’s closed a small container, fill oil smoke, just not as large drops of oil type, oil be cool to have no so cool. Mechanical lever is the old products, the amount of smoke without regulating rod stability, and regulating lever on the resistance and voltage control can be finely adjusted every time the temperature, oil smoke taste different temperature also have different, if you want to pursue the perfect taste, regulating rod can be achieved. There are many different flavors of tobacco oil itself, and even the same flavor of tobacco oil can produce different tastes when used by players through diy configuration of e-cigarettes.

All I want to say is that it’s fun to play with e-cigarettes. You can diy your own configuration, taste the taste of smoke oil under different Wholesale Replica VapeOnly WISMEC Innokin Atomizer Coils Settings, each bite is belong to your unique taste, regular cigarettes and the relationship between the electronic cigarette, is like buying sports cars and the relationship between the modified cars, you think about which is more interesting and more cow force.