RTA Atomizer Manufacturer

Most players of RTA (atomizer can be rebuilt type oil) have expectations, in addition to the oil amount, oil is convenient, taste good, more hope can through to the improvement of the structure to avoid the generation of oil leakage problem. Captain RTA from RTA Atomizer Manufacturer did a good job of doing that.

The black cover and acrylic transparent box are used to package the atomizer without removing the cover. The packaging description in pure English introduces the accessories and product information in detail, and the side anti-counterfeiting logo provides the user with the way to identify the authenticity.

In addition to the atomizer body parts is roughly as shown in figure: spare aprons and several, spare oil seal and the lid lock screw wire * 1, 510 adapter ring * 1 * 1, inner hexagon screwdriver, phillips screwdriver * 1 * 1, standby storehouse, cotton and filaments * 2 * 1 drop ring, warranty card * 1.

The overall size of the atomizer is 25*57mm and the oil storage capacity is 3.8ml. The ship’s captain, the RTA, is statistically unflattering in size and has modest reserves. Fortunately, its paint technology and excellent structural design, avoid many problems in use.

Details of the split

The atomizer can be roughly divided into six parts: suction nozzle, top cover, glass warehouse cover, atomizing chamber, silk table and base. Atomizing bins and spinnerets are long and slim, and they are the main reason for lengthening the overall size.

The suction nozzle is made of the classic PEI material, and the traditional 810 model has a “back button” design inside, which can isolate the condensate. The setting of double rubber rings makes the connection between them and the top cover very close and the heat insulation performance is superior. You can also switch the type 510 suction nozzle by yourself using the adapter ring in the fitting.

The word “PUSH” is printed on one side of the top cover, and the oil injection method of “PUSH slide cover” greatly improves the operation convenience and sealing. From thread to cover, to the current popular sliding cover and bottom injection, the improvement of fuel injection path of the atomizer is obvious to all, and it is believed that in the near future there will be a newer and more fashionable play method.

Oil seal film and long screw support the effective operation of the sliding cover structure, play the role of sealing and fixed range limit. They can be removed and replaced using the inner hexagon screwdriver in the fitting package.

Besides the cool “captain” LOGO, the longer airway is more attractive. So the design of restoring ancient ways in many old RTA, lengthen the flue gas flow distance, the direct reduction of oil smoke taste as weak performance, but to taste insulating layers of mix and stays with prominent promote role.

The coupling fixation of atomizing tank and base does not use thread, but makes a small bump against each other inside. In this way, the oil guide hole can be adjusted by rotating the cover until it is completely closed. The oil leakage problem can be greatly avoided by shutting off the oil guide when carrying it out or filling it.

Gold-plated do silk machine and screw thread can be removed without using base is fixed, is also in order to satisfy the realization of the function of rotating lock “oily”, avoids as old typhoon atomizer turn over channel body falls off the condition of the oil hole in storehouse. So big the captain RTA can be understood as “external linkage structure, namely the fixed base and atomization storehouse turn into a whole, will not affect to do silk, and inlet adjustment ring body exist as a single movement.

The non-electrode column base can be understood as a “silk deck”, and today’s players have been familiar with it. This structure can effectively concentrate the heat of the coil, increase the internal atomization space, at the same time avoid the disorder of smoke movement, and enhance the intuitive taste experience. But its reconstruction process than the conventional double column four hole slightly complex, the difficulty lies in the mastery of mould length: too easy to encounter warehouse wall cause a short-circuit, too low will lead to get too close to the stomatal condensation infiltration, which requires players to experience.

It is worth mentioning that its intake design can be seen as the transition from pure bottom intake to the current popular “honeycomb” intake. Set up four air inlet, a “U” shaped groove scatter the bottom part of the airflow to the side, straight blow heat wire bearing a more comprehensive stereo, echo, and together with the atomized warehouse top made of inhaled smoke more closely.

The space of making the silk table is relatively spacious, but the thicker fixed hole is not friendly to the ordinary single wire, and more efforts are needed in the process of fixing the wire foot. The four oil guide holes are wide. During the reconstruction, the thickness of cotton must be ensured and the four holes should be sealed successfully. Otherwise, no good structural improvement can avoid oil leakage.

The final summary

This product by RTA Atomizer Manufacturer Captain Captain RTA atomizer step into the market for period of time, in the reduction of oil smoke taste will be slightly enlarge cool degrees and sweetness, overall taste rich, inlet suction resistance will not fully open state space.

Oil injection on sliding cover, adjustable oil guide hole, non-pole base, dispersed air intake, these structures are also designed with good intentions. Plus solid work and rich color, the player’s choice of large space. It’s just a slightly more complex reconstruction process and a tall build that lacks a bit of “affinity” for novice use and overall coordination. Fish and bear’s paw cannot have both, another Angle to think, the pursuit of performance “wide body design” is highly praised in the automotive field.