Nowadays, SONY E Cigs have experienced three major stages from birth to development. The first stage was the earliest battery type e-cigarette, which was now out of the mainstream due to low calorific value and no smoking oil.Many SONY E Cigs  have given up this kind of e cigarette.The second stage is the SONY E Cigs, which can actually be the birth of the e-cigarette. It is an important change in the history of e-cigarettes and e cigarette manufacturer. It makes it possible to replace traditional cigarettes with SONY E Cigs.

We are currently experiencing a third phase of the era of product atomizer (EGO), oil storage type atomizer and drip oil atomizer.And all kinds of e-cigarette and SONY E Cigs related play is endless, mechanical pole, electron rod, wire wrap, big smoke and so on. It also pointed out the direction of the e cigarette manufacturer.In this period, electronic cigarettes and vape pen suppliers are transforming from physical enjoyment to spiritual enjoyment.It is also chaos, the legal vacuum period, please more study and understand.SONY E Cigs manufacturers hope to share the wonderful experience of SONY E Cigs with you, not the harm that the unhappiness can bring you.

However, The feeling of e-smoking is quite different from the feeling of real smoke, and the electronic cigarette is not as stimulating as the SONY E Cigs cigarette, and it has its own style.Every e cigarette manufacturer has its own style.It may be more soft. If you are smoking addiction is larger, or players like smoke inferior tobacco, the feeling of electronic cigarettes may make you disappointed, because of some e cigarette OEM have some low level product and the electronic cigarette smoke oil palate with traditional tobacco is distinguishing.But you can choose some high-power product and select  a reliable SONY E Cigs.